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Brief product description

Breathable women's sports shirt intended for any type of physical activity. Ideal for a trip to the mountains, a workout or a family walk. The sporty cut allows for free movement whereas the heat-sealed tag won't scratch. You can now pick the material we sew your t-shirt from based on your preference.

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Data sheet

Women's sports t-shirt
Jerzy Kukuczka

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Which fabric to choose?

koszulka sportowa - materiał


Universal sports fabric produced in Poland and made of 100% polyester. Thanks to a special fibre structure it is breathable and effectively wicks moisture away from the body. Its basis weight of 135 g/m2 makes the material robust and resistant to abrasion, but it is also slightly thicker because of that. Recommended activities: mountain backpacking, daily walks, jogging in cooler weather, cycling, working in the garden, barbecuing and camping :). The material is not only suitable for sports activities but also for everyday wear.

koszulka sportowa - materiał


The super lightweight 80 g/m2 sports fabric provides the highest level of breathability. It is pleasant to the touch and airy. It is manufactured in Poland from 100% polyester. Due to its basis weight, it is also softer and prone to pulling, especially when using your backpack (of course it is suitable for backpacking trips, but after a dozen or so uses, small pulls may appear). Recommended activities: running (even on hot days), nordic walking, gym and fitness, cycling and all sports that cause intense sweating.


Our t-shirts work well for sports
and everyday activities.

koszulka sportowa damska

Comfortable and sporty cuts

The cut of the t-shirt is comfortably fitted to the figure. A women's cut and men's cut are available. For men it is classic, straight, while for women it is clearly waisted, so it emphasizes the figure nicely and fits well when worn. The neck tag is not sewn on but printed so it doesn't scratch.

Beautiful and durable full-surface prints

Not only do the Power Canvas shirts have technical features, but they also look great. Vivid and crisp prints cover the entire surface of the shirts. They are durable and do not affect the breathability of the shirts in any way.

koszulka sportowa damska
koszulka sportowa damska

Printed tags that don't scratch

Neck tags are not sewn on but hot-sealed so they don't scratch.

Size chart

The dimensions in the table below are measurements of the clothes laying flat. To make sure that you order the right size, it is worth taking an equivalent of the ordered product from your cabinet, measure all dimensions flat and compare with the table.

Chest 40,5 42,5 45 47 50 53 56
Waist 35,5 37,5 39,5 41,5 44,5 47,5 50,5
Hips 41 43 45 48 50 53 56
Height 61 63 65 66 67 68 70

Sizes may vary by +/- 1 cm

We proudly sew all our products in the European Union!

Where exactly? In Poland, in the beautiful city of Krakow. The entire production process takes place in our own production facility, so that we can ensure not only the highest quality but also fast delivery times. Find out more about our company and the values we share.

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